Affordable Skin Care Products

 I’ve never really been the type of person who really took care of her skin. Water and occasionally St. Ives face wash was what I would cleanse my face with. Through out middle school I never knew how to take care of my skin at all. I’ve suffered from acne since 6th grade and I always focused of trying to get ride of it but it never seemed to go away. When I got to high school I started to learn more about how to take care of my face. I started to figured my skin type and what was good and not good for it. Skipping to now, I’m in college trying new products that have really helped my skin. I have noticed when my first semester started my skin wasn’t the best. Recently I’ve been trying these new products that I would love to share with you. I’m going to share 5 main products that I use daily.

garnier-skinactive-micellar-water-all-in-1-cleansing-water-waterproof-21. The Garnier Microcellar Cleansing Water- I find this to be amazing on my skin. It helps get any makeup left on my face that didn’t not come off with a face whip. It’s not oiling, doesn’t have any alcohol and is fragrant free. I feel this product is really good for the skin and leaves it fresh and clean.




screenshot-2014-11-11-00-21-512. Premium Lettuce Cucumber Watery Toner- This is a Korean product that I got online at Ulta. It’s 5% lettuce and cucumber extract and has 20% cucumber water. I usually put this on my face after I get out the shower and sometimes in the morning. This toner makes my skin extra soft and fresh. I do recommend this if your skin might be a bit dry, it does help moisturize the skin.





3. On The Spot- This is my HOLY GRAIL! I love this product, I love Neutrogena. Using this product has helped with my acne so much. I’ve been using this for years and it never fails me. It can make the skin dry so I don’t recommend to put this all over your face but only on the areas needed. This is a really great product and I highly suggest it for acne problem skin.





4. Tony Moly Cream Foam Cleanser- This is another Korean product that I use. I got it online at Ulta but there are other sites you can get it from. I usually use this every other day or when I take a shower. It makes my skin soft and feel clean and refreshed.




p10111035. Combination Skin Moisture- This a great moisturizer. I’ve tried a few but this one is defiantly the best one yet. It really helps my dry areas on my face. It doesn’t feel oily and is fragrant free. I really suggest this if you have oily and dry skin.






There you have it, my 5 main affordable skin care products. I really hope you try at least one of them out. I really do recommend all of these and stay tuned for my next post.


Tschüs, Sam



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