Hallo! My name is Sam, I’m 19, a college student and live in the United States. I will try to post a blog every week if not every 2. What I will blog about will be a bunch of different things like, beauty, life, advice, reviews, etc.

So you guys can get to know me I’ll write a few things about myself.

My favorite color is orange, I love flowers and horses. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and Hayao Miyazaki (his movies are amazing). I have such a big heart when it comes to animals. I love food so much, honestly its all I ever think about.

I will forever love Hello Kitty. hahaha. I have this weird obsession with cows, I think they’re so cute. My favorite book would have to be Life and Death and my favorite manga would be Fruits Basket.

They’re are a few things about me. I really hope you guys will like my blogs. (:15027373_1341895762496091_1552535666120564081_n


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